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Q1 Will my project require a permit?

Each county and municipality has its own permit requirements. Generally, a permit is not required unless there is a change in use for the space to be remodeled or there is a change in the basic structure of the building. Part of our service is to pull any required permits and to schedule any required inspections.

Q2 How much is my project going to cost? (Terms of Payment)

Each project is unique and the cost will vary accordingly. Contractor Services will have a face-to-face meeting with each client and discuss the extent of work being considered. At that time, various options and grades of materials will be suggested for the project. As a rule, we recommend higher quality products to avoid premature failure and disappointment on your part. Our estimators will then contact the various venders and determine a fair price for the purchase and installation of the materials.

Q3 How am I going to pay for my project?

Once the estimate for the project is accepted, a contract for the work will be issued and a start date determined. Generally, fifty percent of the cost is expected prior to the start of the job. Some larger projects are broken into smaller increments. This amount is used to purchase the majority of the needed materials. The balance for the project is expect upon completion of the work.

Other arrangements, i.e.., pay as you go, etc. can be made. However, this arrangement generally extends the length of the project because of scheduling issues with our tradesmen.

Q4 How does Contractor Services handle questions or complaints about the job?

Generally, questions occur at the end of the work day and involve the reason for the particular order of tasks being scheduled. There is a logical sequence for the various tasks and the job supervisor, who has the complete overview of the project, is most equipped to answer your question. The client always has access to the supervisor via cell phone. Our tradesmen, although on the site, are employed to accomplish a given task and may not be able to answer your question. The supervisor will take his time to discuss your question with you.

Although rare, complaints sometimes occur. The last one involved an apprentice who shut (slammed) the front door of the house a little too loudly every time he went in or out. The supervisor was informed and the behavior was corrected. We at Contractor Services respect the fact that remodeling or repairing a part of your home is disruptive to your daily routine. It is always noisy and dusty. We will do everything possible to diminish this imposition into your life.

Q5 How long is the project going to take?

The time required for a particular project is dependent upon the extent of work involved. The replacement of siding or a roof is relatively simple and could be completed in a day or two. Other projects are more involved and may require the special ordering of materials. Each manufacturer or vendor has a given lead time for producing or obtaining that required product. Contractor Services attempts to coordinate the scheduling of tasks with the availability of materials and tradesmen or installers to make the entire project flow as smoothly as possible and with minimal disruption to your home life.

At the initial face-to-face meeting with Contractor Services, a rough time estimate for the project can be given.

Q6 Are you insured?

Each of our tradesmen carries his own liability insurance (approximately $250,000.) General contractors usually carry an additional $1,000,000 of liability insurance. Contactor Services has a $3,000,000 policy. Certificates of insurance are available upon request.

Q7 Do you design and plan your own remodeling or repair work?

Jim Martin completely designed and built his own personal home, so he is familiar with all of the issues from foundation footer to roof peak. For most projects, we feel very comfortable in designing the repair/remodel work. At times, the customer may request the input of a professional design company. We have several that we highly recommend. When the designer's plans are complete, Contractor Services will proceed with the work. For recurring and problematic structural issues, we sometimes consult a forensic architect for advice and then proceed with his recommendations.




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Click for the BBB Business Review of this Construction & Remodeling Services in Painesville OH

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