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1.)   Home

2.)   Residential Services

a.   New Construction

                                         i.    Homes

                                        ii.    Garages

b.   Remodel

                                         i.    Bathroom

                                        ii.    Basement

                                      iii.    Kitchen

1.   Shiloh Cabinetry

2.   Formica Countertops

3.   Wilsonart Countertops

c.   Repair

                                         i.    Siding

                                        ii.    Roof

                                      iii.    Window

3.)   Commercial Services

4.)   Municipal Services

5.)   Historical Services

a.   Historical Reclamation

6.)   About Us

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b.   FAQs

7.)   Contact Us

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Licensed and Bonded

Registered Contractor (Lake County)
BBB (Greater Cleveland Area)
EPA Certified Lead-based Paint Renovator
Snaidero Kitchens, Regional Installer


Contractor Services is here to help you.

We are  for all of your modification needs.


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